Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Software V&V "In Brief"

To summarize:

0.  Download FDA SW Guidance documents, especially: 

"Guidance for the Content of Premarket Submissions for Software Contained in Medical Devices", and obtain / generate / group documentation per Table 3 (for all SW V&V, not just devices / 510(k)s:
1.  Establish risk to patient by your company's / product's activities addressed by the software (Level of Concern, ISO 14971/ FMEAs...);
2. Develop a Project Plan (phases, milestones, tasks ...; timelines; responsibilities; I prefer the Gantt chart done on Excel); 
2.  List all your requirements for the software (the SRS), including applicable 21 CFR 11 (e-records / e-sigs); and cybersecurity if networked (especially firewalls, training to prevent opening unknown links, etc). 
3. Write an introductory narrative explaining the system and your validation approach; Write test cases to address all the requirements, e.g., IQ (for installation / hardware meets software rqmts ...), OQ (all software modules exist and initialize and shut down properly; 21 CFR Part 11 issues, especially limited access, audit trail / change history, names tied to files, date / time stamping ..., PQ to repeatedly challenge key operations;
4.  Extract proofs for each test case from retroactive files (for preexisting systems); perform any additional test cases proactivel (or all for new or remodeled systems);
5.  Compile all the above and other documentation (11 categories) into a Test Report / SW V&V File, and sign off.  Most documents can be generated in Word.  Initial /date any copies.

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